The Me in Me

The rains teem down from the slate grey skies I weep silently, The pain within my heart is perhaps insurmountable My tears are perfect waters that wash away my pangs of pain. As I brace the waves, I see furious torrents hitting the ground In remorseful symphony. My tears get washed away in succinct synchrony … More The Me in Me


​I want to write a story; A story that will reverberate through the tides of history, A story that will be told when I breathe no more, I want my pen to so furiously bleed on pieces of paper, Mine is a story that will petrify the world, I want to write history in indelible … More A REVERIE

Sin City

​  I was totally tired after work. It was at around 10pm.I sat there in my car.I didn’t want to go home . I contemplated where else I would go.Should I go the Blue Springs Bar and have a bottle or two? Just then, a man crossed over the street. He was wearing a dark … More Sin City

The Netherworld

      For a moment, she was sitting beside me – yelling, shouting at me to slow down the car, to pull over. All there was left the next moment was a pale body covered with blood.       That night death didn’t just take away my mother, it left an emptiness within me. A … More The Netherworld

Sweet Jessica

I had never fallen in such a deep and peaceful sleep before. Slowly, my mind drifted into slumber land. Now, before I even tell this story, we have this girl I love from the bottom of my heart. Her name is Jessica, Sweet Jessica to me. Finding the courage to tell her has been no … More Sweet Jessica

It is payback time

     The evening Sun was shining brightly across the street with its orange illuminations. Children could be seen playing on the wide playground near the food store. The  birds were singing their usual evening melodies which were pleasing to the soul.     The street was busy with people coming from work into the bushy neighborhood. … More It is payback time


There is a yearning in my heart, There is this emptiness within me, My heart is bleeding, for you my beloved Angel. When will you come back, I didn’t mean to hurt you, I’m just human; you know! Please be back. I have vague memories of us together, Of the love we shared, Of all … More EVERYDAY TODAY

Emmanuel Amunala’s company, Pendle Ring Technologies,a beneficiary of 2.8 billion in the Ministry of Health scandal

    The clock is dancing to the tune of eight o’clock on October 27th 2016.Millions of Kenyans across the world are eager to watch the evening news.Worse still others are anticipating to listen to the news with baited breath.     There are saddening news that 5.3 billion cannot be accounted for in the ministry of … More Emmanuel Amunala’s company, Pendle Ring Technologies,a beneficiary of 2.8 billion in the Ministry of Health scandal